Chiefs could trade back with team looking to land late-1st Round QB

As we all know, the Chiefs are picking at 32 in the 1st Round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Among the many mock drafts, there is a variety of predictions for what the Chiefs will do, ranging from RB, DB, to LB.

What many are not predicting is the possibility that the Chiefs trade down and out of the 1st Round. Some teams may be interested in moving back into the first round if they feel the need to make a move for a QB.

Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are all expected to go top-10. After those three guys, there are guys that could go later in the round, including the possibility of dropping all the way to 32. That includes Georgia’s Jake Fromm, Utah State’s Jordan Love, and Washington’s Jacob Eason.

The Chiefs have shown that they are willing to trade 1st round picks, up or down. Of course, the Chiefs traded up 17 spots to number 10 in 2017 to draft Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs 2018 1st round pick was also sent to Buffalo in that deal. And last year, just days before the draft, the Chiefs traded their first round pick to Seattle in a package for Frank Clark.

There is a precedent for teams trading back into round one for a QB. Just two years ago in 2018, the Ravens found their franchise QB in Lamar Jackson after trading up to 32. In return, the Eagles received a 2018 2nd, 5th, and a 2019 2nd.

The Chiefs currently only have five 2020 draft picks. If any QBs from that second tier fall all the way down to the end of the round 1, and teams are calling, the Chiefs could potentially take a similar deal to acquire more draft capital in 2020 and beyond.

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 23.