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Patrick Mahomes cements himself as Chiefs GOAT at 24 years old

Patrick Mahomes is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the Chiefs franchise and every Chiefs fan knows it. The franchise has been lucky enough to have quarterbacks like Len Dawson, Joe Montana, and Trent Green, but we’ve also had to struggle through quarterbacks like Brodie Coyle, Matt Cassel, and need I say more? In 2017 our franchise selected Patrick Mahomes and the rest is history… Okay not quite yet, but a Super Bowl and league MVP by 24 years of age is not too shabby.

Patrick Mahomes has had two of the best seasons as a starting quarterback that the league has ever seen. He led the Chiefs to an AFC Championship in his first season as a starter and for the first time in the franchise since the 1969 season. Although it didn’t end in a win, the following season Mahomes led the team to a return to the AFC Championship in a game that finally brought the Hunt trophy home.

Some may say that a return to the AFC Championship was expected because of Mahomes’ extraordinary talent, but if you kept an eye on the Chiefs season, you know this return was special. Mahomes, and the team, faced extreme adversity and setbacks that could have easily sent the Chiefs packing their bags early in the playoffs. But Mahomes overcame injury and extreme deficits and brought the Lombardi trophy to Kansas City for the first time in 50 years.

This journey was nothing short of incredible, and it goes to show that Mahomes already has, and will continue to cement himself as one of the greatest Chiefs of all time. The best has yet to come and if you’re a fan of football, get ready, because Mahomes magic is dominating the NFL.

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