Start, Bench, Cut: Top 3 all-time Chiefs QBs

The Chiefs have had some interesting experience when it comes to quarterbacks. We’ve had some all time great quarterbacks, and some quarterbacks who left either a negative or no legacy altogether. I chose three quarterbacks from KC history and will start one of them, bench the other, and cut the last.

Len Dawson, Trent Green, and Patrick Mahomes

1. Start: Patrick Mahomes

Maybe this is just me being from the era that I’m in, but I think Patrick Mahomes will be one of the all time greatest quarterbacks of not only Kansas City, but also the entire National Football League. Because of this I’ve got to put him at the starting position. He is so young and is already off to such an incredible career. He won MVP during his first full season, he led the team to back to back AFC Championships, and is taking us to our first Super Bowl in 50 years.

2. Bench: Len Dawson

It’s hard to bench the great Len Dawson, but I think this is a “passing of the torch” kind of scenario. Dawson helped lead the Chiefs to Super Bowl I and Super Bowl IV. He was calm, collected, and could throw the ball like no other. He is one of the most important people in Kansas City Chiefs history and is one of the most known household names in Kansas City.

3. Cut: Trent Green

Trent, I’m so sorry to do this to you. I enjoyed watching you play while I was growing up and you were someone I looked forward to watching every Sunday. But unfortunately, I’ve got to cut Green. Mahomes and Dawson did (and are doing) significantly more for the city than Green ever did, but that doesn’t mean that Green’s time in KC was irrelevant. He was such a big part of the team for so long and that will never be forgotten.