Three underlying heroes from the Chiefs postseason


The Chiefs postseason run has been phenomenal… they have come back from insane deficits and fought each game until the very end. To me, three players have stuck out the most and have had a huge impact on our journey. These three players are:

1. Daniel Sorensen

A few articles ago I said that Daniel Sorensen was one of the key players that needed to step up during the postseason and he has. He read the Texans’ fake punt perfectly and put a stop to it, helping to spark our insane comeback run. Sorensen came up huge during so many plays against the Titans as well. He has fought every game until the final snap and has helped lead the defense in a positive direction as they head into the Super Bowl.

2. Mecole Hardman

Hardman has been a subtle but incredibly important part to the Chiefs success this postseason. His 58-yard return against the Texans helped spark the Kansas City offense and he’s averaged 9.0 yards per reception on offense. Plus, the Mahomes to Hardman passer rating is 151.0. That is ridiculously good. Hardman needs to keep up the good work on special teams in the Super Bowl which should provide an important edge against San Francisco.

3. Sammy Watkins

Sammy hasn’t been super significant the entire postseason run, but he did come up pretty big against the Titans. He has been clutch when we needed him and that’s all that the team is asking of him. I think he will be a huge factor in the Super Bowl, especially if Kelce and Hill are double teamed or covered tightly. As long as Watkins can catch the ball and pile up the YAC yards the Chiefs offense will be in good hands.