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How Tevin Jenkins fits the Chiefs

The big man from Oklahoma State is drawing headlines heading into draft season. Tevin Jenkins looks to be a top offensive line prospect in the NFL draft this year. Find out how he fits the Chiefs.

Looking at things from many different perspectives is very important for life, as well as football. Looking at something and figuring out how it can help the current situation in life, or a football game is the best way to go through life. Sometimes things that don’t make sense at the time end up being for the better and that is how I feel after evaluation the film from Tevin Jenkin’s career at Oklahoma State.

The first time I watched him on tape it’s easy to see why his name is being thrown around as a high pick in this year’s NFL draft. His massive 6’6” and 320-pound frame puts him as one of the largest tackles in this class, as well as having obvious physical gifts when it comes to strength.

That all being said I still wasn’t impressed with his vertical drive and catch into pass protection, as well as his explosion off the ball in the vertical passing game. I will stand by this analysis, as I think Jenkins has a long way to go before becoming an elite-level vertical pass setter. Now if the Chiefs needed a tackle who could play right away they would need one who is superb in vertical pass setting. Jenkins has the tools, but he still has too many inconsistencies. I didn’t stop watching his film but I had made my initial judgment of him not being a fit for the Chiefs. That was until I started to look at him as a guard.

The best trait he has by far is his ability to win the hand fight battle, which he does with a power punch and an array of savvy moves like the one above to keep defenders guessing. Upper body strength can go a long way to help a player, and in the NFL as a guard, it will come in handy as he will usually have a defensive tackle lined up over him on most any given play.

Guards have to be physical up top, they can’t be bull-rushed into the pocket, and have to neutralize the defense quickly to not give up the pressure up the middle. Winning quick is where Jenkins thrives, especially in the jump set passing game. As a tackle, which he used regularly in Oklahoma States pistol and RPO looks. This can work in college at tackle, but not so much in the NFL. But it does translate to playing guard well, especially the quick nature of winning a play.

Another reason I like Jenkins as a guard in KC is his ability to work up when uncovered in the run game as well as reach block in a zone scheme. He flows pretty smoothly up to the second level with good angles. At Oklahoma State, he didn’t pull much, but just on body type alone, he would be a fit for power and counter in the Chiefs offense as well.

Of course, the main reason why he is a top draft pick is because of how nasty he plays the game, and how much raw strength and potential he possesses. One the play above he just overpowers the defensive tackle with his raw physical gifts, and some hatred in his heart. It’s always nice to have a guard who can move a player off of a spot, and finish the play on a consistent basis.

In another teams offense Jenkins would be fine with his style of play, but in KC he fits more as a guard right now. For teams like the Tennessee Titans, or Indianapolis Colts, or even the Baltimore Ravens who use the run game to open up other parts of their offense, he would be a perfect fit. He could use his massive size to dominate in the run game, then utilize his jump set when needed as he develops into a vertical drive and catch pass blocker.

That will not be the case in Kansas City, where everyone knows the simple formula to beat the Chiefs is to pressure Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs throw the ball as much as any team in the NFL so the jump sets would not be as effective in keeping defenders honest. But as mentioned earlier his skills would translate seamlessly to playing guard in the Chiefs system.

Jenkins hasn’t played guard before and he would still have nuances of the position to learn, but it is somewhere that he could thrive in the NFL right away, especially for the Chiefs. He could come in right away and make an immediate impact on one of the Chiefs most needed positions. The tools are there, and if he is someone the Chiefs think they can work into being a reliable option then he could have a tremendous impact on the Chiefs season if they get the chance to draft him.

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