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Hardman is the future at the wide receiver position for the Chiefs

The Jet will take flight for the Chiefs and he will continue to soar high for as long as he is with them. We can see another “Tyreek Hill” case in the making!

The Chiefs are the most dominant team in the NFL and they are ranked #1 in the power rankings going into next year. With more exciting pieces attached and revamped for them, it’ll be an exciting year for everyone to witness. One of the pieces that will be revamped for the upcoming season will be WR Mecole Hardman. After being one of three rookies in the 2019 class to make the pro-bowl, he’s ready to make more of a name for himself in the league, and here’s why.

He’s Going to be Developed Like Tyreek Hill

According to the Chiefs Special Teams Coordinator Dave Toub, Hardman is going to be developed as a pass-catcher rather than a kick-return monstrosity. Now with that said, what does this mean for the Chiefs? This means that he’s going to be more lethal in the receiving game than he was last season. We would have another major threat in a receiving core that has already established itself as one of the best in the league.

This directly compares to what happened with Tyreek Hill back in the middle of 2018 where he trained with Nebraska Cornhuskers WR coach Keith Williams to improve his catching and route running abilities. This training translated well as in that season as he had career highs in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. It also landed him a spot in the pro bowl and on the first-team all-pro squad. Due to this, it has led to Hill into becoming one of the deadliest receivers to match up against. We don’t know who Hardman is going to train with, but they’ll probably teach him the same fundamentals Hill learned to become a top-class receiver.

Speed Kills

The one thing that stands out for the Chiefs that doesn’t start with the letter M is their electric receiving core. That core led the league in average top speed with Hill taking the cake as he clocked 22.81 mph when chasing down Damien Williams to celebrate a touchdown Williams had just scored. Hardman’s speed is well close to Hill’s which his highest was clocked at 21.74 mph. This was the fastest speed recorded by a ball carrier in the 2019 season.

This is exactly what Reid has built this offense on, which is why he’s the perfect fit for us for years to come. Hardman is a speed demon and that allows the Chiefs to use multiple routes and plays to their advantage. Mahomes could either hit him on a quick slant, a fly route to hopefully burn the corner covering him, or any other route that he sees fit. You can have the best corners in the game, like Richard Sherman, but everyone has to understand that ultimately speed kills and that’s what Hardman delivers to this squad.

Overall, Hardman has shown that he’s here to stay and by seeing those two points, I don’t see how Hardman wouldn’t become a top tier receiver in the NFL. He has the talent, the ability, the coaching staff, the players, and the playbook to help him achieve greatness. I can’t wait to see what awaits throughout the rest of his career. Maybe he can add a couple of pro-bowls and all-pros to his resume as I believe everyone in the Chiefs Kingdom would love to see it.

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