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Grading Kansas City Chiefs 2019-2020 season

The 2019-2020 season for the Kansas City Chiefs was nothing short of remarkable. They finished the season in the ultimate fashion: they brought home the Lombardi trophy. The Chiefs faced a ton of adversity throughout the season, but that never let that stop them from achieving the ultimate goal.

The first quarter of the season, weeks 1-4, the Chiefs started extremely hot, torching every team they came across including the “almighty” Baltimore Ravens in week three. The Chiefs took the league by storm and looked like a real contender for the Super Bowl. The grade that I give this part of the season is an A.

Weeks 5-8 were simply just not good for the Chiefs. They lost back to back weeks at home to the Colts and the Texans, and the team simply just looked dead awful. Fans started to panic. Then in week 7, the dreaded thing happened: Patrick Mahomes got hurt. His dislocated knee sent everyone into a frenzy and the season seemed doomed. Mahomes and one of the team’s greatest leaders was out for what most people thought would be the rest of the season. The following week the Chiefs returned to Arrowhead and lost a tough game to the Packers, where Matt Moore played his heart out and left it all on the line. Fans really started to lose faith now that the team was 5-3 (says a lot about the expectations for the Chiefs, right?). The grade that I give this part of the season is a D.

Weeks 9-12 overall were decent. They struggled against the Vikings and barely pulled out a win, but they did finally end the home game losing streak. The following week the team traveled to Tennessee to play in Mahomes’ first game back since his injury. It wasn’t a great game for the team but it wasn’t necessarily horrible either considering the circumstances. The Chiefs ended up losing that game, which was tough and seemed to leave some doubts in peoples’ minds. This leads us to week 11 where the Chiefs and the Chargers traveled to Mexico City. The Chiefs simply just didn’t play well against a subpar Chargers team and it took until the very end of the game, 18 seconds left on the clock, to secure the win. The Raiders then came into Arrowhead week 12 and we defeated them 40-9, which was expected. The grade that I give this part of the season is a C+.

Weeks 13-16 paved the way to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs finished pretty strong with consecutive wins for the final four games. I believe this instilled confidence in this team that they really were capable of being the best team. With the Chiefs finishing strong came a gift: the Patriots lost to the Dolphins which gave the Chiefs the #2 seed and a much needed bye instead of having to host a Wild Card game. All of the pieces finally fell into place, and they entered the postseason strong. The grade that I give this part of the season is an A.

Overall grade for regular season: B

Now the postseason for the Chiefs… That is a completely different story. They struggled so much at the beginning of every postseason game, but with determination and dedication the Chiefs never let the deficits get them down. They overcame double digit deficits in every single postseason game they played and came out Super Bowl LIV Champions. A windy path the team traveled the entire season finally came to an end in the place that every NFL organization and their fans want their team to be.

Overall grade for postseason: A

This 2019-2020 Kansas City Chiefs season is one I will never forget. This team is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to watch what they do next season. Thank you so much, Chiefs, for an amazing season and bringing the Lombardi and Lamar Hunt trophies back to the great place called Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas, by the way).

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