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Grading all 32 NFL team uniforms for 2020

Usually, when you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their attire. For example, if they are dressed in an expensive suit/dress, then you can assume that the person has a high-paying job to even afford it. While this isn’t the same for NFL teams, the uniforms they wear shape a team’s brand and perception. For if a team has terrible jerseys, social media will roast them quicker than fire. Today, I’ll be grading all 32 NFL team’s uniforms in an unbiased manner.

For this grading, I’ll be going down by division starting with the AFC North and finishing off with the NFC South. I’ll then place all the teams in a list from best to worst and I’ll finally give reasonings on my rankings. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and be prepared to be astonished by my rankings.

AFC North

1. Ravens: A

2. Steelers: B+

3. Bengals: B

4. Browns: D-

I will definitely place the Ravens at the top due to their color schemes on both their home and away uniforms. The black, purple, and white are aesthetically pleasing and it’s one of the best color combos in the league. The Steelers uniforms take second mainly due to their amazing home jerseys. The solid black and gold fit together perfectly, but their away jerseys are lackluster in appearance. They just don’t have the same “finesse” as the home ones. The Bengals uniform color scheme is something I truly like due to how all the colors blend together, but I can’t place them over the Steelers. This is because their away jerseys are worse than the Steelers in my opinion. The Browns… are just as bad as their teams the past few decades. The shade of brown they choose looks horrid, along with the ways the uniforms are designed. The only reason they aren’t getting an F is due to the orange and white stripe patterns they choose on the home jerseys. I personally like that scheme.

AFC South

1. Titans: A+

2. Texans: A-

3. Colts: B-

4. Jaguars: D

The Titans, in my opinion, have the best uniforms in the league. Their main baby blue color design is 10/10, and the white goes completely goes with their overall scheme. There truly isn’t anything wrong with the Texans uniform scheme, but I personally like the Titans a lot better. The same goes for the Colts as there is nothing I dislike about them, but the Titans and Texans are much better. As for the Jags, nothing truly pops out at you. They aren’t the best looking jerseys as they could’ve been so much more done. The teal and white design is something I’m 50/50 with as it looks fine, but as I said before, I feel that the designers could’ve done more with the colors they choose.

AFC East

1. Dolphins: B+

2. Bills: B

3. Jets: B-

4. Patriots: C-

The Dolphins color scheme is a great combination of teal, orange, and white. I feel as though the designers did an amazing job with it, but I don’t think it has the leverage to make it an A or an A- at least (sorry mom). There truly isn’t anything wrong with the Bills one, but I just can’t see myself ranking it higher than the Dolphins. The Jets did a nice rebrand last year, memes aside, but I feel as though they should have gone a little darker with the green due to their logo. The Patriots have the worst in the division as even though I like the American colors, I feel as though that the other three teams are better. Plus, I’m not a fan of the shade of dark blue they used for their jerseys. The helmets are a plus though.

AFC West

1. Raiders: A-

2. Chargers: B+

3. Chiefs: B-

4. Broncos: C-

The Raiders’ silver and black and white and black are some of the most iconic/slickest looking jerseys in the league. Even though it’s a simple design, the colors match together flawlessly with no seen errors in it. Plus, the silver finish on the helmet gets a ten out of ten in my book. The Chargers take second as the only error I see is that the bolts on the shoulder pads don’t look pleasing to the eyes. The same issue arises on the pant legs as well. The Chiefs, even though they are my favorite team, don’t have the flashiest color combinations when you boil it all down. It will always work for decades to come, but it will never reach the top-10 in my eyes. The Broncos have the worst jerseys in the division, but not in the AFC. That trophy goes to the Browns as it’s the only one they’ll win for a while. The Broncos need a change in scenery as I feel as though that the colors they use could have better uses. My main dislike is the home jerseys as the orange and that very dark blue they use doesn’t match in the slightest and that same dark blue with the white doesn’t work either.

NFC North

1. Packers: A

2. Vikings: A-

3. Bears: B

4. Lions: C-

I would say the Packers and the Vikings both have some of the top jerseys in the NFC and the NFL. Barely anyone/anything can pull off purple, so when the Vikings unveiled their uniforms, it was a glorious sight to see. My favorite part is the color scheme as it couldn’t have been pulled off any better than they did. The Packers uniforms are too iconic to not be given an A as their jerseys have stood past the length of time, and they still look good to this day. The Bears uniforms have always looked great no matter the decade, but their white uniforms are one of the best in the league. Everything about it from the stripe patterns to the numbers looks flawless. The only reason they are getting a B is due to their home uniforms, which are very lackluster to their away ones. The Lions uniforms look good in my eyes as the silver blends in beautifully with the light blue, but that would be the only good thing about it. It lacks originality and it truly looks bland. It could use an upgrade for sure.

NFC South

1. Panthers: A

2. Saints: B+

3. Buccaneers: B-

4. Falcons: D+

The Panthers silver and blue never fails to amaze me as it’s one of the top-5 uniforms in the NFL right now! A black, white, and light blue jersey color scheme; plus, a pristine silver helmet takes the cake for being ranked this high. For the Saints, it’s safe to say that they’ll never have to worry about new uniforms ever again. The gold and black home design with those shiny gold helmets are a sight to see and truly make this grade possible, but I can’t put them above the Panthers. The Bucs had a great rebrand for the 2020 season, but the Panthers and Saints overtake them with ease. The Falcons new rebrand failed miserably, but it wasn’t the worst (we’ll get to that later). The old jerseys were way better than their new look in my opinion. The “ATL” on top of the numbers just look flat out terrible, along with how the numbers are shaped. The only positive thing they have is the new shades they choose. I can rock with them.

NFC East

1. Cowboys: A-

2. Redskins: C+

3. Eagles: C

4. Giants: D

Even though I dislike the Cowboys, their uniforms were made extremely well! The dark blue and silver go beautifully together and their silver helmets, with the blue/white stripe down the center, are the cherry on top. The Redskins and Eagles uniforms I have truly not much to say about except that they’re just decent. Nothing truly pops out of you and it’s not like they are terrible, I just see nothing “eye-popping” in both of their uniforms. On the other hand. the Giants need some change as soon as possible. The designs have just gone stale as they’ve been with the same one for over 20 years. While some uniforms have the looks to stay for a long time, it’s finally time for the Giants to retire it.

NFC West

1. Seahawks: A+

2. 49ers: A-

3. Cardinals: C

4. Rams: F-Mega (if you get the reference, you are amazing)

The Seahawks’ uniforms are something of absolute magnificence. The dark blue with the neon trim just looks astonishing, along with the grey numbers. No faults throughout the whole scheme. The 49ers truly hit the mark with their gold, red, and white color scheme. The gold helmet with the red and white stripe down the center is the best looking helmet in the whole NFL, and the way they shaped their whole home and away unis were superb. The Cardinals’ uniforms are decent like the Redskins and Eagles, for example. Nothing truly comes out as “exciting”, but they aren’t terrible. The best thing they have going for them though is their home jerseys, with the main color being maroon. It fits extremely well with the white and black.

Where do I even start with the Rams? Let’s just say if IKEA decided to have a football team, this would be their uniforms. They took a decent looking uniform scheme and somehow, they made them look ten times worse. It all looks too terrible to the point where I can’t even name one positive thing about it. The numbers are way too bulky, the light blue they chose just looks odd, etc. Rams, do us all a favor and revert back to your old uniforms or else social media will have a field day starting in the pre-season.

In closing, these are my uniform reviews for the 2020 season. If you read through all of this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nothing else needs to be said but this: have an awesome rest of the day!

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