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Demarcus Robinson’s potential landing spots

In 2016, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Demarcus Robinson out of Florida in the 4th round. The Chiefs were still trying to build their WR core, just two years removed from zero receivers catching a touchdown in 2014. Robinson was supposed to be a good third option next to Jeremey Maclin and second year receiver Chris Conley.

Things did not quite work out that way for Robinson as he was overshadowed by a sixth round draft pick in that same draft class, Tyreek Hill. Robinson then had to work his way into the offense over the last four years, and while he has some memorable plays, nobody is listing him as a true difference maker as a WR. Robinson is a free agent and looking for a new home. Here are 5 teams that could be a potential fit for Robinson.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were decimated at WR due to injury last season and it put a lot of pressure on QB Carson Wentz and TE Zach Ertz. While Alshon Jeffery will be back, Nelson Agholor may be gone via free agency and DeSean Jackson could be a cap causality.

Enter Demarcus Robinson. Robinson would potentially get an opportunity to be the second receiver on the Eagles. Robinson has shown the ability to contribute as a fourth or fifth option in the passing game, so you would expect those numbers to increase as the third option on the Eagles. Robinson would add a speed element that Jeffery and Ertz do not possess.

Signing Robinson could benefit the Eagles, too. The WR market is thin this offseason and it’s going to take big money to get the A.J. Green’s and Amari Cooper’s of the world. Robinson presents the Eagles with a cheaper option who could potentially have more to give. While Wentz is no Patrick Mahomes, Wentz has shown the ability to be an MVP-caliber player. Add in Doug Pederson as part of Andy Reid’s coaching tree and you have an offense that has a lot of similarities to the Chiefs. The Eagles and Demarcus Robinson make a lot of sense.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have $86 million worth of cap space. They also have a lack of WRs with T.Y. Hilton being the only name of notoriety. Demarcus Robinson could be a cheaper option for the Colts to consider this offseason.

Robinson would be coming into an offense that has a lot of good pieces. The Colts have a good OL, two TEs, and two RBs so Robinson would not be brought in to be a main target, but still get the opportunities to contribute as the number two receiver. While Robinson would take a big step back in the quarterback position from Mahomes to Jacoby Brissett, the Colts may use some of their money to bring in a new QB. If the Colts get a high-profile QB off the market, it makes them all the more desirable for Robinson.

Green Bay Packers

Devante Adams is one of the best WRs in the NFL when healthy. The issue for the Packers is there is no-depth behind him and that showed when Adams missed four games in 2019. Adams needs a sidekick and Demarcus Robinson is a perfect candidate. Robinson would instantly be placed as the second WR and would get to play with Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers is getting older and did not look like his old self at times last year, but he is still a top 5 QB in the NFL right now. I think this matters to Robinson. He does not want to go from playing with the best QB in the NFL to a team without an established starter. The Packers have a good running game, which opens things up for Robinson as well. If the Packers are looking to add at the wide receiver position, Robinson could be a low-risk, high-reward option.

Oakland Las Vegas Raiders

It seems to never fail that when a free agent leaves, they wind up signing with a divisional rival. In this scenario, I believe the Raiders could be that potential team for Demarcus Robinson. The Raiders have a young receiving core with potential but not a lot of on-field production. Zay Jones, Tyrell Williams, and Hunter Renfrow have shown flashes, but Jon Gruden is waiting for one of them to come out and be the go-to-guy.

Demarcus Robinson could be added to that mix. All the previous places I mentioned, Robinson could be the second WR, but in Las Vegas there’s a chance he could be the first WR if he performs well. The Raiders have seen what Robinson could do. He scored an 89-yard touchdown against them in week 17 of 2018 and had the best game of his career in week 2 of 2019 with 6 catches for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. Playing against his former team twice a year could be appealing as well.

The one downside for Robinson is QB Derek Carr. I am not as low on Carr as most, but he is still in the bottom half of the NFL when it comes to starting QBs. Playing with Carr would be a huge step down for Robinson, but the chance to be a part of the first season in Las Vegas and play against the Chiefs twice might be too hard to pass up if the Raiders are interested this offseason.

Kansas City Chiefs

There’s always a chance Robinson comes back to Kansas City. He knows the system, has a chance to compete for another Super Bowl, and gets to play with the best QB, TE, and fastest WR. There is no pressure on him in Kansas City and that is appealing.

The only way the Chiefs can consider Robinson is if he comes cheaper than what he would get at other places. The Chiefs have too many other players and positions to handle first, before overpaying for their third or fourth WR. Still, Robinson’s ability to be in the right spot at the right time is appealing. He was the recipient of the no-look pass and the sideline touchdown catch against the Seahawks along with the plays I mentioned against the Raiders. Ultimately, I do not think the Chiefs will re-sign him, but there’s always a chance he decides to come back home.

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