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Free Agency Film Session: Mike Remmers

On Friday the Kansas City Chiefs added their second free agent of the 2020 offseason in OT Mike Remmers. An eight-year veteran from Oregon State, Remmers has played in 79 career games making 78 starts in that time. In 2018 he was the starting RG for the Minnesota Vikings and in 2017 started 11 games at RT. Based on his experience at both positions it seems that he will be competing for more of a swing tackle position which was previously held by the departed Cam Erving. Having quality offensive line play off the bench will be important but also expect to see Remmers get a crack for the LG position which was taken over by recently departed journeyman Stephen Wisniewski, who signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The thing about Remmers that really popped off on film was his ability to read and anticipate what the defense was about to do. Remmers is a decent athlete but his IQ is very high, and he does the little things that veteran players tend to pick up on through the years. Below is an example of his verticle pass set. It is somewhat unorthodox as he has his right foot a little further back in his stance but that’s just his preference. He does a good job of staying verticle and even throws a helping hand inside on the four I to allow his guard to have time to get out and help. Once the guard takes over the block he keeps in his pass set and stops the edge rusher’s pressure.

Being an OL and having film from multiple positions is very valuable. Remmers has proven the ability to be able to play both guard and tackle. At RG here he takes a nice short pass set and stops the pass rush. Remmers has decent hands and a good base so when he is able to lock on and get his hands on a bull rush he will win most of the time.

He will be reliable in run blocking as well. In the clip above he does a good job of reach blocking the DT and rakes him over across his body. This is a textbook way of blocking in any zone scheme. He uses short, choppy steps and keeps his hips on the right angle for the way they want to run the ball.

Against the Miami Dolphins, Remmers stops a twist. The walk up drops back into coverage so Remmers steps down to take on the Four I, and prevents him from going inside. This causes a pile up when the shade tries to get to his mark but the RG is able to take over since Remmers did a good job of recognizing the stunt.

With an Edge rusher lined up outside and an inside rusher coming for his inside gap, Remmers again has great awareness and rips over the inside man just as the edge player begins to try to go inside. His ability to continue to set vertical helps this play immensely as he is able to stay square to the line and see what the defense was trying to do.

Mike Remmers has had experience with playing in big games. In 2015 he was the starting RT for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. They would go on to lose to the Denver Broncos in which Remmers was remembered for struggling against the game’s MVP Von Miller. In Kansas City Remmers will more than likely be asked to be ready to go as either a backup tackle or an option for the interior. His job will consist of keeping the Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes upright to do what he does best. Remmers seems to want some type of redemption given his past experience in the Super Bowl. Andy Reid is a man of second chances and has seen several football and personal redemptions stories from players in his time with the Chiefs. What better place to forget the ghosts of games past than in Kansas City.

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