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Five things all Chiefs fans need for the upcoming Super Bowl

Guess who’s back…back again? The Chiefs are back, tell a friend. The Chiefs are finally one game away from completing their “Run it Back” season with a Super Bowl win. Here’s what Chiefs fans need to bring for game day.

  1. Your lucky jersey

During this bye week, all Chiefs fans must get their jerseys 100% clean. Whether that’s a Mahomes jersey, a Kelce, a Hill, heck even a Matt Cassel lucky jersey should be washed. We need all the luck we can get playing against the quarterback most notorious for winning Super Bowls, Tom Brady.

Along with that, make sure to kick any Tom Brady jersey-wearing fools out of your Super Bowl party. We can’t have that kind of negativity on the biggest day of the year. Bring your best Chiefs pride and best Chiefs jerseys to your respective Super Bowl parties.

2. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

Admit it Chiefs fans, we’re all going to be nervous for this game, so we gotta prep up for all of our stress-eating. I don’t know if I can name something that gets my blood-pressure up more than seeing Mahomes roll out of the pocket and chuck one deep, especially if I see Tyreek at the end of it.

To prepare for this, you should bring candy, chips, crackers, or whatever else you can find in your cabinets. Make sure to stock up on your favorites too because family or friends might finish those up before you get the chance to glance at them. I always recommend M&Ms, but Reese’s Pieces will work too (DO NOT mix the two).

3. Drinks

Snacks are a great addition to a party, but you can’t have snacks without the drinks. Stock up on drinks as much, if not more than snacks because the moment Mahomes throws a TD in the 4th quarter, everyone is going to run over and chug all of it down.

When shopping for the drinks make sure to get something for the kids and adults because you need to keep the kids happy so you can focus only on the game. In terms of drinks though, I fall under the kids’ category as I am not over 21, so I will be enjoying my Pepsi or Coke on Super Bowl Sunday. Make sure you adults drink responsibly though.

4. BBQ meal

Kansas City and BBQ combine almost as well as Mahomes and Kelce. A perfect combination for Super Bowl Sunday, and a delicious one too. Fire up the grill (if it’s not covered in snow) and make some great ribs or wings for the whole party to enjoy.

As you are eating this though, make sure to wipe off your hands because nobody wants BBQ stain on their shirt while you’re celebrating the Chiefs’ touchdowns. Also, make sure to keep your plate away from the celebration blast zone, or else it could get tipped over, slightly lowering your level of hype.

5. Your best friends

It’s not a true Super Bowl party without your family or friends there. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a possible Chiefs Super Bowl win with all of your favorite people around you? Hopefully with COVID though, all of you can accomplish this while also staying safe and distanced.

This Super Bowl could be one of the greatest ever with Brady and Mahomes, the past and future, colliding in the biggest game of the year. Hopefully, you all have a great viewing experience on Super Bowl Sunday, and go Chiefs!

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1 Comment

  1. Connor Jamal

    February 1, 2021 at 1:20 pm


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