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First move for KC in free agency

Kansas City can move in many directions starting March 18th in terms of free agency. The potential moves coming in the future could start at the WR position.

Time to move on from Watkins

Kansas City had the pleasure of having Sammy Watkins on the offensive side of the ball for 2 seasons. However, the Chiefs should be ready to move in a different direction. WRs are set for success in a system with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid running the show. It would be interesting to see if the Chiefs move on from Watkins and pick up a late WR in this coming draft.

What is next for Chris Jones?

Chris Jones is the biggest issue at hand. Jones is under a franchise tag the Chiefs placed on him. Jones, an elite DL in the league, has the ability to change the whole outcome of a game. With his long frame and brute strength, his abilities are like unique in the NFL. The Chiefs need to pay Jones to stay in KC and dominate for many years to come.

Draft talent in the backfield?

This is an interesting topic that has come up in recent weeks. If the Chiefs decide to go with another RB in the draft instead of free agency, things could get interesting. Damien Williams displayed his playmaking ability late in the season, however, it never hurts to have more weapons on an already loaded offense.

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