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Despite Super Bowl victories, Reid’s development of coaches and players is far above Belichick

When it comes to the greatest coaches of all-time, both Andy Reid and Bill Belichick are up in the top tier.

Belichick gets the nod, and deservedly so, for his on-field success, winning six Super Bowls and nine AFC championships, amassing a record of 273-127, as well as 31-12 in the playoffs, in 25 years with Cleveland and New England.

Reid has gone 207-128-1, and 15-14 in the postseason. While it took Reid 21 years to win his first Super Bowl as a head coach, Reid has left a bigger impact on the NFL through his coaching tree and development of quarterbacks.

Here are the coaching trees of both Belichick and Reid. All records include playoff record.

Belichick Coaching Tree

Bill O’Brien – Texans 54-48

Matt Patricia – Lions 9-22-1

Brian Flores – Dolphins 5-11

Romeo Crennel 28-55

Josh McDaniels 11-17

Al Groh 9-7

Eric Mangini 33-48

Jim Schwartz 29-52

Joe Judge 0-0

Combined record: 178-260-1

Super Bowl titles: 0

Reid Coaching Tree

John Harbaugh – Ravens 128-81, Super Bowl XLVII

Ron Rivera – Panthers, currently Redskins 79-67-1

Doug Pederson – Eagles 42-28, Super Bowl LII

Matt Nagy – Bears 20-13

Sean McDermott – Bills 25-25

Todd Bowles 26-41

Pat Shurmur 19-46

Combined record:  339-301-1

Super Bowl titles: 2

Just one look shows how Reid sets up his assistants for immediate success, and he has been able to do so throughout his career.

John Harbaugh has been one of the best coaches of this generation and did a tremendous job with Lamar Jackson. He very well may win his second Super Bowl soon.

In addition to Harbaugh, recent Chief offensive coordinators Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy have had success, with Pederson winning Super Bowl LII with Philadelphia, and Nagy winning Coach of the Year honors in 2018 with Chicago.

Ron Rivera has coached in a Super Bowl, and Sean McDermott is one of the best young coaches in the league, and he appears ready to take Buffalo to the next level after Tom Brady left New England in March.

The most impressive name on Belichick’s tree is Bill O’Brien, and while he has had success, winning four of the last five AFC South titles, he has received scrutiny for his roster management and playoff record (2-4). Brian Flores seems to have a bright future in Miami, as his 5-11 record in 2019 is actually impressive given the state of the Dolphins roster and their 0-7 start.

Not only does Reid have more success in developing NFL-ready head coaches, but Reid has a better track record in developing NFL QBs.

Reid began his career in Green Bay, where he played a key part in the development of Brett Favre, who won NFL MVP after Reid was named QBs coach in 1997. When he became a head coach, Reid turned Donovan McNabb into a Pro-Bowl QB, and the two took the Eagles to Super Bowl XXXIX.

And of course, Andy Reid has turned Patrick Mahomes into the best QB in the league, and the duo led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years. Even before Mahomes, though, Reid helped Alex Smith improve every year in KC, having his best year in 2017 before being traded to Washington to make way for Mahomes.

Belichick entered the league with Tom Brady, and the two had unprecedented success together, and obviously played a role in the development of arguably the greatest QB of all time. Belichick also played a role in current NFL starter Jimmy Garoppolo and 2019 Colts starter Jacoby Brissett.

Ever since Brady left New England, some have wondered if Brady was a benefit of Belichick or if it was vice versa. 2020 will show a lot, not only if Brady finds success in Tampa Bay, but if Belichick is able to find success with 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham at QB.

Now that Reid has won his Super Bowl, he deserves just as much to be in the upper echelon of all-time coaches as Belichick, and his legacy that he will leave in the NFL with his current coaching tree will last far beyond his years on the Arrowhead sidelines.

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