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Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the perfect RB mold for Andy Reid’s offense

When the presumed number 1 overall pick calls you “the best player he’s ever played with”, you’d think that your draft stock would rise right? Unfortunately (or fortunately for KC), Edwards-Helaire is once again being underrated by draft analysts and NFL scouts. Right now Clyde is projected to go anywhere from the mid to late 2nd round and if the Chiefs are presented the opportunity to trade up and snag him, they should not hesitate to do so.


A lackluster combine performance and a 5′ 7″ frame might bring up some red flags to the untrained eye, but a quick look at his game film will leave no doubt in your mind that this prospect is something special. Clyde has Le’Veon Bell like ballcarrier vision, incredible agility, out of this world instincts, and all the fundamental skills required to make defenders think twice about committing to his first cut. Not only does he have the capability to run the ball, but his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield is really what sets him apart. Clyde regularly catches the ball with his hands extended away from his body.

Scheme Fit

A staple of the KC offense is the zone run scheme, which has been underutilized over the past season and a half to say the least. Zone run schemes require the RB to be able to improvise, read LBs, and make quick cuts without hesitation. Clyde did all of this and more when running the primarily gap run scheme at LSU. His small frame and incredible agility allows him to patiently run behind the offensive line, feel how the defense is shifting, and burst through for chunks of yards at a time. However, KC is not known for their running game. Clyde’s hands out of the backfield and ability to make plays in space is what makes him the perfect three down running back for KC. One more chess piece on the offense to help Andy Reid’s “beautiful mind” camouflage all the crazy new plays he’s cooked up over the quarantine would take KC’s offense from legendary to the greatest of all time.

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