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ChiefsTake: Chiefs should extend Chris Jones

The biggest topic for the offseason for this Chiefs team is the extension or trade of Chris Jones. There can be arguments made for both sides but in this article we will discuss the possible extension of Jones. First things first, Jones is not your typical interior DL. He is good but not great against the run, however he is one of the best pass rushers from the inside behind Aaron Donald.

Starting off, the contract that Chris Jones will command will be bigger than Geno Atkins, the second highest paid interior DL, but smaller than Aaron Donald, the highest paid interior DL. One thing to keep in mind, any extension for Mahomes will not kick in on the salary cap until 2022. Because of this, the Chiefs could opt to front load Jones’ deal while keeping the last couple years light for Mahomes’ extension. Many, like myself, don’t see Jones accepting a front loaded contract because he wants to guarantee a payday through the last few years of his career.

For this exercise, we will base Jones’ extension off of Clark’s, with slightly less AAV and more .

Jones Extension: 5 years, $101 million, $75 million in guarantees ($45 million at signing)

This extension will break down as such:

2020: $9.5 million cap hit

2021: $22.75 million cap hit

2022: $22.75 million cap hit

2023: $22.75 million cap hit, $4.75 million cap savings if cut

2024: $22.75 million cap hit, $13.75 million cap savings if cut

With this contract, it gives the Chiefs an opportunity to get out from under the contract the first year that the Mahomes extension goes into effect. Obviously, Jones was a huge part of the Super Bowl defense that held strong in the last few minutes of the game to give Mahomes a chance to win the game, which he did. Brett Veach could realize this and decide to give Jones an extension pretty close to this one.

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