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ChiefsTake: Chiefs don’t need a RB

Like all NFL teams, the Kansas City Chiefs are spending this off-season filling holes. The one spot they do not need to be looking for is running back.

Since the Super Bowl ended I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter on social media about running backs coming to the Chiefs, everything from free agents to high draft picks and trades.

The first idea people have is to draft a RB. I have no issue with taking a flyer on someone in the fourth round or later. If nothing else you’ll need camp bodies and low risk with upside is always good. What I hate is people with mock drafts of us taking a RB with pick 32. The Chiefs taking a RB in the first (or second round for that matter) is insane to me.

While the best RBs in the league are mostly first-round picks, you don’t need one of those to win. The Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers proved this when both made it to the Super Bowl with undrafted free agents as their primary backs. The highest-drafted RB on the Chiefs active roster was a sixth-round pick, Darwin Thompson. The Chiefs should never draft a RB in the first two rounds.

A draft pick at least makes some sense in the later rounds, the names I’ve heard in free agency don’t make much sense. Some people have had Derrick Henry on their wish list, but I think that’s a list that also has win the Powerball on it. He is so far out of our price range it’s not realistic. Other names I’ve seen around are Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, and Kareem Hunt. All the players are great, but the Chiefs have no reason to pay for another RB.

The Chiefs have little cap space and multiple holes to fill. Using that space for a RB over a cornerback just doesn’t fit. The Chiefs offense does not need a big name or star RB to work. In their offense, they simply need a capable back who they can trust to be where he’s supposed to be. There is no reason to pay for what you already have.

Trading for a back is by far the craziest thing I’ve heard. A popular name on this front is David Johnson from the Arizona Cardinals. Ideas like this make me want to yank my hair out. Blowing money on a useless free agent is bad enough, but to then spend draft capital on top of that. Anyone with these ideas is simply trying to play fantasy football and pretend there is no such thing as a salary cap.

Fans and local media need to remember the Chiefs just won the Super Bowl with two undrafted free agents and a sixth-round pick. Damien Williams, Darrel Williams, and Darwin Thompson fit every need the Chiefs offense has. As the old saying goes, if it’s not broke why fix it?

Disclaimer:  ChiefsTake or “Hot Take” articles are not necessarily the opinion of Arrowhead Live or the entirety of its staff.

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