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Catching up on draft rumors from around the AFC West: What our divisional opponents are thinking heading into the 2020 draft

We at Arrowhead Live have been all over the rumor mill on what the Chiefs may be thinking heading into the draft this week. But, what are the rumors surrounding the rest of the AFC West? Typically, rumors fly in abundance as the draft approaches. In the current sport-less landscape we are facing during this pandemic, the rumors have been even more abundant than usual. So where do our division rivals stand? Let’s break it down. 

Let’s start with the Broncos. The big headline rumor floating around is that the Broncos, who hold the 15thpick overall in the first round, may be looking to trade up to snap up top WR prospect, Jerry Jeudy. It has been no secret that the Broncos are looking to add weapons to support 2nd year QB and John Elway golden boy, Drew Lock. Jeudy is viewed as the top WR in a draft that is extremely loaded in depth at the WR position. However, the Broncos seem to think they could land Jeudy, whom many believe is the next Julio Jones. If he does pan out in the same vein as Julio, this move would make sense. At the same time, there is no shortage in WR depth in this draft. If they give up too much to trade up, it could be another of many in John Elway’s draft day blunders as GM (Tim Tebow anyone?) They would have to trade up to around pick 8-10 to have a shot, and that will be costly. Broncos website “Predominately Orange” reported the interest in Jeudy is very strong. They also said that the main focus of the Broncos in this draft are at the center, interior D-line, and inside linebacker spots. Yet, they claim the main focus is on adding weapons to help Lock mature into a true franchise QB.

Next up is the Raiders. They are in a good spot in this draft with picks at both 12 and 19 in round 1, thanks to Jon Gruden unloading an immense amount of talent when he took the job. The main rumor came straight from the horses mouth. GM, Mike Mayock, said the Black and Silver would be focused on targeting a WR with pick 12. The thing is, GMs don’t like to show their cards pre-draft and like to play it somewhat close to the vest. So, is this a smokescreen to hide their true intentions? Bleacher Report said they believe it isn’t and also said that at pick 19 the Raiders will be targeting a defensive lineman. The two top options are Auburn prospect, Derrick Brown, or S. Carolina prospect, Javon Kinlaw, but these two may be taken earlier than this in the draft. The back up option would be fellow DT from Oklahoma, Neville Gallimore. Jason La Canfora thinks that they might opt out of the DT pick in favor of Tua Tagovailoa or Jordan Love if either of them drop to that spot, which is looking more and more unlikely as both QB’s draft stocks have been much higher. It would have to be an Aaron Rodgers situation for either of them to end up a Raider.

Last, but not least, with the highest AFC West draft pick at number 6, the Chargers. They are pretty much set, it seems, (at least according to pro football rumours) on drafting their next Phillip Rivers to learn for a year behind Tyrod Taylor and then take over as the franchise QB. They have shown interest in both Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa, but according to Bleacher Report they also conducted virtual interviews with fellow QB prospect, Jordan Love. Either way, it looks as if the Chargers are locked in at drafting a QB and it will probably come down to who is still on the board that they feel best matches their long term system. A long shot rumor from Bleacher Report linked them to DB, Isaiah Simmons. They would play him similarly to Derwin James, but again this would be a huge surprise. 

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