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Biggest trap games for KC after schedule release

Are there any games that the Chiefs might overlook in 2020? There may be a couple of teams that could steal a win from the Super Bowl champs.

The 2020 NFL schedule has been released and there are several exciting games ahead for the Kansas City Chiefs. They have a Monday night game in Baltimore against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. We get, for the first time, Patrick Mahomes vs. Drew Brees in New Orleans late in the season. Mahomes also gets to square off against Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski once again, only this time, they’ll be playing as Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. While there are plenty of blockbuster games on the schedule, there are also a few games that would be considered as trap games. These would be games in which the opposing team is overlooked because they are not viewed as a threat or there is a bigger game a week later that the team is more concerned with. Here are a few games on the Chiefs’ schedule that might end up being trap games.

Sept. 10 vs Houston Texans

I know, I know. This is the season opener on Primetime against a playoff team. It’s Mahomes vs. Watson. How could this be a trap game? Well, there will be a lot of emotions going on before the game, with the Super Bowl banner being dropped and the Chiefs being introduced as defending Super Bowl champions. Houston, on the other hand, has been thinking about Kansas City ever since they blew a 24-point lead to the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs. They would love nothing more than to get that bad taste out of their mouth by beating the Chiefs in the first game of the season in primetime.

Oct. 15 @ Buffalo Bills

This is another primetime game but it’s on Thursday night, just four days after playing the division-rival Raiders. The Bills are a team that is trending up and have a legitimate shot at winning the AFC East for the first time since 1995. They have a strong defense and Josh Allen seems to be finding his way in Brian Daboll’s offense. A young, hungry Buffalo Bills team, who will be better rested, may have a shot to steal a win against Kansas City.

Dec. 13 @ Miami Dolphins

One week after facing the Broncos at home on primetime and a week before going to New Orleans to face Dree Bree and the Saints, the Chiefs will travel to Miami to square off against the Dolphins. The Dolphins started out winless in their first seven games but finished 5-4 down the stretch, including a 27-24 victory in New England to help Kansas City seal the two-seed in the playoffs. Miami had six picks out of the top 70, so they will look to build on their late-season success. With the Chiefs facing a division rival Bronco team, who should be better in their own right, and then looking forward to a battle in New Orleans, Miami just might sneak up on them.

Every year there is a game where fans look back and wonder, “how did they lose that one?” Last year it was the Colts game. I know there were injuries for the Chiefs, but they weren’t facing Andrew Luck. They were facing Jacoby Brissett. The Chiefs scored 13 points, which was the lowest points the Chiefs have ever scored with Patrick Mahomes under center. So when you look over the schedule and pick the wins and losses, take one or two of those wins and slide them over, because trap games happen every year.

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