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Best and worst matchups for Chiefs vs. Patriots

It is still up in the air as to when this game is going to be played, but this is definitely one of the most intriguing games this week in the NFL. We will take a look at some of the matchups that will be favorable for the Chiefs and which ones might have you wondering going into this game.

The Patriots are one of the only teams that has given Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs team a tough time over the past couple of years and it doesn’t seem like that will end this coming week as the Patriots come in looking just as formidable as they have in the past. Lets take a look at the matchups where the Chiefs will be able to take advantage of New England this week.

Chiefs defensive line vs. Patriots offensive line

I thought this was a matchup that the Chiefs would already be able to exploit before the week, but starting guard Shaq Mason and tackle Isaiah Wynn were limited participants all week for the Patriots and are questionable for the Patriots coming into this game. Chris Jones for the Chiefs is also listed as questionable, but if is able to go and any one of those lineman are out for the Patriots, expect the Chiefs to be all over Brian Hoyer all game long. This is something the Chiefs should be able to do every single week, but especially in this game.

Chiefs running game against the New England defense

We all know how great Mahomes is, but he has had a little bit of struggles against a Bill Belichick defense. However, he hasn’t ever had a running back quite like Edwards-Helaire. The Patriots have a great secondary with players like Stephon Gilmore, Devin McCourty, and Jason McCourty, being able to run the ball effectively is going to be huge in this game and I believe the Chiefs will be able to do just that. The offensive line is coming off a great game against the Ravens and the Patriots I think will bring in a similar approach into their game against KC. If the Chiefs can take advantage on early downs, that just opens up the playbook for Mahomes and Reid to just gash the Patriots defense. Look for the Chiefs to be able to run the ball at will this week.

Brian Hoyer starting instead of Cam Newton

Obviously this isn’t what we were expecting or necessarily want, but the Chiefs have to be licking their chops at this. We hope Cam has a quick recovery and is able to continue to have a great season like he was having when he is able to return. However, this makes things much easier on the Chiefs defense this week. They can focus more on stopping the run and letting the secondary play more man to man. Expect Spagnuolo to blitz Hoyer all game long. The Patriots are definitely lacking on the outside as far as their WRs are concerned, so not having to worry about Cam’s scrambling ability will put significantly less pressure on the Chiefs defense.

Now lets look at some of the matchups where the Chiefs could in some trouble.

Patriots secondary is loaded with talent

I mentioned this in a point I made earlier in the article, but the Patriots are absolutely stacked on the backend of their defense. I know it is a tall task to slow down this Chiefs offense, but they have shown in the past being able to slow it down for an extended amount of time. Stephon Gilmore was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year last year for a reason. He is absolutely shut down. Combine him with the McCourty twins, J.C. Jackson, and company, you could not see the ball for sometime out there as a receiver. It is hard to slow down this Chiefs offense for four quarters, but look for this secondary to take a few players out of this game like they’ve done in the past.

Bill Belichick

Listen, I have all the love for Andy Reid and what he has done in KC, but there’s no better coach in the NFL than Belichick. He always is disguising blitzes to confuse Mahomes, bringing in new packages that nobody has ever seen before, and just always being one step ahead of his opponents. Mahomes has struggled each time he has played New England and part of that is because Belichick is throwing stuff out there that Mahomes has never seen before. Look for more of the same this week as well. The Chiefs definitely are overmatched in the coaching department in this game, but as we all know, you can never know what exactly Belichick is going to throw at you each week.

Outside of that, I think the Chiefs match up extremely well with New England. If Cam Newton was starting in this game, I would say to look out for Julian Edelman to create a lot of mismatches with our CBs, especially with Sneed being out, but with Hoyer starting I don’t see that being an issue. Look for Kansas City to continue their hot streak this week and for the offense and defense to continue to play at a high level.

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