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Price Carter

Growing up as a Kansas City native I have been a Chiefs fan my whole life. I have always had a long time passion for Sports and Sports media as a high schooler. I would frequently get yelled at for changing all the radio presets in my family's cars to sports talk. I was probably the only middle schooler that preferred to spend his afternoons with Dan Patrick than an Xbox. I like to look at sports with a critical and analytical eye. I'm always thinking about the future and what could have been done differently. Some of my inspirations in sports media are Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, local host Soren Petro and Jayson Stark. I love to share my instant reactions, thoughts and general sports opinions on twitter. Follow me @priceacarter


Who are the top contenders to the Chiefs in the AFC heading into 2021? With the Chiefs announcing that training camp will be returning...

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