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Arrowhead Live’s Super Bowl LV Predictions

The Chiefs are just days away from trying to complete the “Run it Back Tour.” With Super Bowl Sunday looming, our staff predicts what they think will happen in the Chiefs’ second consecutive Super Bowl.

CJ Taylor – Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 38 – Bucs 20

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: It’ll be a slight blowout. I think Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill will overwhelm the Bucs Defense. Mahomes finishes with four TDS and the win.

Shawn Dixon- Staff Writer and Podcast Host

Score: Chiefs 30 – Bucs 22

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: I think it will be relatively close but I think the Chiefs will have the game mostly in check. Since they lit the Bucs up in the passing game last time, they will probably backup the secondary. Look for CEH and Williams to be a big factor either rushing or out of the flat.

Rachel Coltz- Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 31- Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: I am more confident this year about a win, but I think Brady’s experience and motivation to prove everyone wrong will play out. That is why I think this will be closer than we could think of. Expect a big game from the defense though… they improved quite a lot during the playoff games.

Chad Goforth – Podcast Host

Score: Bucs 27 – Chiefs 24

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady

How the game plays out: It’s hard to beat Tom Brady two times in the year. He has a way to find cracks in a defense. Yes, Hill crushed them in the first game. But Tampa will probably rush four all game, and with Fisher being out Kansas City will struggle to get Mahomes time in the pocket. By only rushing four, it allows them to cover the Chiefs’ wide receivers.

Dylan Wilhelm – Editor-in-Chief

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: Brady and the Bucs offense will keep it close, but Reid, Mahomes, and the rest of the offensive weapons will be too much for the Bucs defense to handle, leading to a second straight championship for the Chiefs.

Price Carter- Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 33- Bucs 20

Super Bowl MVP: Daniel Sorenson

How the game plays out: I think by the end of the third quarter all the narrative will be, “well of course the Chiefs are better, the Bucs went 11-5.” The reality is Tampa is here because they beat a backup, the corpse of Drew Brees with four turnovers and the Packers gifted 11 points to them. Kansas City’s defense is going to shine with some big turnovers and the offense will flex early mitigating the pass rush. We should be able to start celebrating early.

Christion Tenpenny – Podcast Host and Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 21

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: Tom Brady will be under a lot of pressure all game, get sacked three times and will throw two INTs. Mahomes will also be sacked three times, will have one INT and will throw for at least 350 yards. Chiefs get a lead early and never look back.

Trent Michael – Social Media and Staff writer

Score: Chiefs 41- Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: The Bucs have won seven games in a row to get here and have been living off turnovers for a month. Spags will send pressure and give Brady fits. On top of that, you give Andy Reid two weeks to gameplan and a healthy roster…the Chiefs will officially “Run It Back.”

Shawn O’Brate – Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 38-Bucs 32

Super Bowl MVP: Travis Kelce

How the game plays out: After starting quickly again, the Chiefs will be up early and slowly let Tom Brady come back. A few field goals and maybe one mistake will keep Tom in the game till Mahomes & Reid are surgical and never let Brady get the ball back. Brady and Mahomes will both make mistakes but ultimately #15 will make less.

Grant Morse – President and Owner

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: Bucs will start fast, but the Chiefs will quickly seize control the game. The Bucs won’t have an answer for Hill, Kelce, Sammy, and Hardman. Clyde and Darrel will struggle on the ground, but pick up key yards when needed. Chiefs settle in at 34 points in the 4th, Bucs make a late push with a FG and TD late to bring the game within one score, but it’s too little too late as Tyrann Mathieu picks off Brady to give the ball back to our offense and Mahomes kneels in victory formation for the 34-27 Dub!

Caleb James – Film and Draft Director

Score: Chiefs 38 – Bucs 21

Super Bowl MVP: Tyrann Mathieu

How the game plays out: This is the NFL’s dream matchup for a Super Bowl, and all week the headlines have written themselves. This game means everything for Mahomes legacy, and if he is to ever get past Brady in terms of greatness, this will be the first step. The defense will be ready to pressure early and often. I expect Tyrann Mathieu to have a big game and solidify his legacy as well. Tom Brady got the better of Mahomes in 2018, but this time he has to face The Landlord. Rents due.

Hunter Stanton – Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 24

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: This game won’t be a blow-out in any way, shape, or form as fans know what the Bucs’ offense is capable of; however, I feel as though the Chiefs’ defense can hold them down with absolute ease. Mahomes will light up the field with his rocket-esque arm, Hill will leave fire across the field with his cheetah-like speed, Kelce, Zeus himself, will have another godly game, and the rest of this Chiefs’ offense can’t wait to sink their teeth into the Bucs’ defense. My BIZZARE prediction is that Hill will have another 200+ yard game; I don’t think it’ll happen, but you never know. What I do know though is that the Chiefs will reign supreme and hoist their second-straight SB trophy.

Nick CatlinStaff Writer

Score: Chiefs 35- Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: I believe the Chiefs’ defense will be able to halt Tom Brady. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo held Brady in Super Bowl XLII to 14 points despite having Randy Moss and Wes Welker, not to mention coming in undefeated at 18-0. I see Chris Jones and Frank Clark creating enough pressure on Brady. Add that with the disguised coverages with a talented secondary and the defense shines to go back-to-back.

Justin DueppengiesserStaff writer and Film Analyst

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 27

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: The game will be close the whole way. In the end Mahomes gets the job done.

Andrew Phalen – Staff Writer

Score: Chiefs 31 – Bucs 17

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: The Chiefs will find creative ways to consistently get pressure on Tom Brady, leading to at least two Brady turnovers. Patrick Mahomes will throw three touchdown passes and rush for one. Kelce and Hill will combine for over 200 yards receiving proving that the Bucs secondary still is no match for the Kansas City receivers.

Ryan Blank – Staff writer

Score: Chiefs 34 – Bucs 24

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes

How the game plays out: It will be a close game throughout, until a costly interception from Brady and the Bucs that gives the Chiefs an opportunity to open the game up and they take advantage.

Notable takeaways- Patrick Mahomes has never scored less than 31 points in a playoff game he started and finished (he left the Cleveland game early with an injury). Almost our entire staff has Mahomes as MVP and the offense scoring 31 once again. Another constant theme was Brady struggling with pressure. Spags will need to dial up the heat to get Brady uncomfortable and to limit their pass catchers. Lastly, the injuries to Jordan Whitehead, Antoine Winfield JR. and Antonio Brown could make a big difference in the outcome on Sunday.

Super Bowl LV kicks off at 5:30 pm Arrowhead time this Sunday, Feb. 7.

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