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AFC Championship Deja….Nope!

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years! I couldn’t be more proud of the Chiefs this year. This was supposed to be a year where they were rebuilding the defense, Patrick Mahomes dislocates his knee cap, they lose two starting defensive linemen for the year, THEN they lose their starting safety, Juan Thornhill, who was having an amazing rookie year.  I was worried that we could lose the game as it is the playoffs and anything and everything has been known to happen. It seemed like groundhog day as Kelce drops a 3rd down catch and then quickly the Chiefs end up going down 10 – 0. The Titans were controlling the clock and keeping Mahomes on the bench. Were we about to watch the Chiefs team who showed up last week? Or would we see the same Chiefs team that has broke our hearts time and time again in the playoffs?

No need to pull you along, we know what happened because I said it at the beginning. The Chiefs won, and really after the second quarter, it wasn’t even close. They kept “the king”,  Derrick Henry to only 69 yards rushing and only three carries in the second half. This is the power of Mahomes and having the lead. They abandoned the run to try and go blow for blow and they just couldn’t keep up.

Like the last game, there were some key points in this game that defined it. I think the three plays that defined this game and helped secure the Chiefs’ victory were the Chiefs going for it on 4th down, Mahomes’ scramble, and a rejuvenated Sammy Watkins . The stones it took Andy Reid to go for it was amazing to see. He normally would have played it safe and not gone for it. But seeing him believe in this team and letting them go get the first down was amazing.

The other point was when Mahomes ran for the touchdown to take the lead. Even though there was an entire half still to go, you could tell that the Titans knew it was over.

I know I have been barking to get Sammy Watkins off this team, and I still think he will be gone this offseason, but he is now playing like a man trying to get his next contract. In the AFC Championship he was the Watkins we want to see every weekend. He had seven receptions, 114 yards, and one TD.  Granted 60 yards came from him delivering the killing blow in the 4th quarter. But you can’t deny he had a number of first-down conversions this game.

And that was all she wrote. Kansas City was bringing home the Lamar Hunt trophy and going to the Super Bowl!

I know I wasn’t the only one emotional and super excited to see my Chiefs go to the Super Bowl. One of my favorite things to do is to go on Twitter and just feel the excitement and emotions from other Chiefs fans.

Hey San Francisco, we’ll see you in Miami! #ChiefsKingdom

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