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5 Burning questions for the Chiefs

With the season right around the corner, now is a good time to talk about what the Chiefs need and questions surrounding the reigning, defending, undisputed Super Bowl champs.

1. Chris Jones

Come on, you knew this was the biggest question we have, don’t act surprised. All signs indicate, that Jones will be here in 2020. He hasn’t missed an off-season activity yet, and no sub-tweets lately. Will he for sure play on the franchise tag? Or will he finally get a long term deal? I wouldn’t say a trade is out of the ballpark, but it seems a little late in the game for that. With Brett Veach, anything is possible!

2. How big will Mahomes contract be

Now, most of us won’t mind the amount, but we’d like to know. There’s been a lot of speculation of 200 million, and 50 million a year. Which isn’t crazy. There’s still a piece of me that thinks Pat would be willing to help the team out cap-wise. To be clear, he doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t on his first deal, but Pat is a different type of leader, and a move like that, even this early in his career, wouldn’t surprise me.

3. Will Veach make some moves?

I feel like since Veach got the job, this is a question we Chiefs fans have been asking. The answer so far has always been yes. I know, we didn’t get a big name like, Patrick Peterson, but Veach has always found a way to make a transaction that you thought was no big deal, into a starting-caliber player. (Charvarius Ward, Emmanuel Ogbah, Reggie Ragland)

I find comfort knowing if one of our key guys went down, Veach has proven to be aggressive when needed.

4. When does Clyde Edwards-Helaire take over?

Andy Reid is known, for the most part, to slowly bring guys in. I think we all thought, Darwin Thompson would have a bigger role last year! Mecole Hardman got involved, but more so, later in the year. I think it’s safe to say, Damien Williams will be the starter, day one. I could see Clyde stealing some snaps up until week 6, and maybe finally taking the reigns. Disclaimer: I’m a Clyde believer, so my opinion here might be a little biased!

5. Run it back?

Finally, do the Chiefs have what it takes to become a great dynasty? If so, it all starts with the second one! The first one is always nice, but if a great team ends up with just one, it’s pretty disappointing, word to Seattle. This Chiefs team is set up perfectly: great QB, great coach, and great GM. Not getting another would be pretty disappointing. Maybe it doesn’t happen back to back, but if there’s a team in the league that could do that right now, it’s this one. Isn’t that a crazy thought? As a lifelong Chiefs fan, isn’t it a crazy thought to think we could go back to back? What a time to be a Chiefs fan.

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