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2021 Divisional Round: Chiefs versus Browns recap

Here’s your divisional round recap for the Chiefs versus the Browns:

Chiefs fans from all across the globe have been waiting weeks to see their favorite team to play again. Now, here we are on a fabulous Sunday as your Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cleveland Browns right in Arrowhead Stadium. one of the most ferocious places to play in. Reid and the Chiefs are coming off a bye week, and we all know Reid is lethal when it comes to games after one. Without further ado, let’s recap this game quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter: Chiefs 6 – Browns 3

The Chiefs’ started with the ball first; it started with a bang. After a few short-medium plays, Mahomes lobbed a ball towards Hill for 26 yards. This resulted in a beautiful drive that led to a CHIEFS TOUCHDOWN from a one-yard run from the $500 million men himself, Patrick Mahomes. Butker missed the point after; the score is now 6-0.

Cleveland started on their first drive and the defense had a decent first drive. A few large plays occurred and a couple of third-down conversions happened; however, on their last four-down set, the defense popped off. First, Sneed made a great tackle for a loss on a failed end-around, and then he had a quality eight-yard sack. This forced the Browns to settle for a field goal. The kick was good; the score is now 6-3.

On the Chiefs’ second drive of the game, and it started perfectly. Mecole Hardman was able to use the end-around to perfection as he had a 42-yard run off of it and he had a nine-yard catch two plays later. After an 11-yard pass from Mahomes to Pringle, the quarter ended with the Chiefs driving down the field.

2nd Quarter: Chiefs 19 – Browns 3

A few minutes after the quarter had started, Mahomes darted a pass to Kelce as he ran and glided on the back of Hardman for a 20-yard CHIEFS TOUCHDOWN! The point after was good; the Chiefs lead 13-3.

On Cleveland’s next drive, the defense stepped up! After a holding call, Nick Chubb dropped two passes, and the next play after, Wharton deflected the pass by Mayfield. Mayfield caught it, resulting in an eight-yard loss. The Browns punted the ball, and Hardman called for a fair catch; it was time for the Chiefs to strike again.

The Chiefs kept on driving down the field with every pass and every rush. Mahomes threw it to three different receivers that drive; however, penalties et on killing the drive (holding on Allegretti and downfield penalty on Fisher). After a key throw from Mahomes to Hill and a 13-yard scramble from Mahomes, they picked up a key first down.

Sadly, it was all futile to put six on the board after a third down stop by the Browns defense. The Chiefs lined up for a 50-yard field goal and the kick was good; the Chiefs now lead 16-3.

The Browns’ final drive was something else to see; on a touchdown-saving tackle, Dan Sorenson forced a fumble that bounced out of the end-zone, which resulted in a touchback. The Chiefs regained possession, rearing to score at a moment’s notice; they were able to do just that.

The Chiefs’ offense drove down the field, scoring the Browns’ defense with absolute ease. This all resulted in a favorable drive with key plays coming from a 13-yard third-down reception from Hill and a 22-yard catch by Kelce to put them in field goal range. Butker attempted his second field goal of the game, this time from 28-yards; the kick was good, and the score is now 19-3.

The half officially ended with the Chiefs leading 19-3. Mahomes seems to be in pain, but we can only hope that subsides in the future. The Chiefs must keep shutting down the rushing lanes and slicing up the Browns’ secondary to solidify their 3rd-straight AFC Championship appearance.

3rd Quarter: Chiefs 22 – Browns 10

The Browns started with the ball to start the second half; however, they couldn’t produce anything as after Mayfield had a motherload of time in the pocket, Mathieu picked him off with ease for an 18-yard return. It was a short 20-second drive. The Chiefs now have the ball in excellent field position, but they didn’t use it as effectively as they hoped. It resulted in a 33-yard field goal attempt that was no good! It hit off the upright and the score is still 19-3.

The Browns took this as a chance to even the game as the Chubb pulled off two straight 15+ yard runs. This resulted in a few other large plays that resulted in a first and goal for the Browns. On the next play, Mayfield found Landry for a four-yard Browns touchdown. The extra-point was good; the score is now 19-10.

The Chiefs have to drive down the field and score again to regain the 16 point lead they once had. After a run from Mahomes, he went down hurt; it appeared to be that he was dizzy. Everyone watching this game is hoping he’s okay and able to return.

It was now 4th and inches and they converted it with an HB toss by Williams for 12 yards. The drive continued as usual with a few key runs to put the Chiefs in the redzone. The Chiefs weren’t able to convert on 3rd and 6, and now Butker is attempting another field goal for 33 yards. The kick was good; the Chiefs now lead 22-10.

The quarter ends and now, the game is closer than we expected. Let’s hope the Chiefs’ defense can hold the Browns offense down.

4th Quarter: Chiefs 22 – Browns 17 (F)

The final quarter started horribly as Kareem Hunt ran in for three yards for a Browns’ touchdown; and, Mahomes was downgraded to out for the game with a concussion. It’s not looking good, but there is still a motherload of hope left! The Chiefs can still pull out of here with a W.

Henne now leads the offense onto the field. On the first play of the drive, Henne delivered an absolute beauty of a pass to Hill for 23 yards for a 1st down. The rest of the drive went horribly because, after a terrible floater by Henne, it was intercepted by Karl Joseph. He tried to play hero ball and failed. The defense has to step up.

The defense was able to do just that as they forced Browns to a 4th and 9 situation; they had to pun the ball. The defense was able to limit the run and pressure Mayfield like it was nothing. Henne now can’t have any other mental mistakes because all they have to do is tick the clock down or score in some way, shape, or form.

All the offense has to do is tick down the clock as they needed one first down to secure the win as the Browns had zero timeouts. After a two yard rush, Henne was sacked by Myles Garrett for six yards; the cock went down to the two minute warning. He ran for 14 yards, bur sadly, he was marked a foot short.

They decided to go for it, to send them to the AFC Championship! On a five yard pass to Hill, they convert!!!!! THE CHIEFS ARE GOING TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP TO TAKE ON THE BILLS!

This game was too close, but hey, at least they pulled it off. They’ll now be facing the Bills in the AFC Championship. Until next time! Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mGONZO2u

    January 17, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    You cannot be a fan of 2 AFC teams and be taken seriously. Seriously.

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