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2020 NFL Pro Day Schedule

With the NFL Scouting Combine completed, the next step in the draft process for these NFL hopefuls is their scheduled pro days. Below is a list of dates and locations of the upcoming pro days, released by the NFL. More dates will be added when they become available and the current dates are subject to change.

Obviously, there will be interest from the local media and the fans about the pro days that the Chiefs scouting department will attend. In fact, they have already gotten a jump start on the schedule by attending the Kansas State Wildcats’ pro day. Kansas State did not have any players at the combine.

Of course, we will be keeping you up to date at all of the pro days that the Chiefs staff will be attending.

Miami (OH) 2-Mar
Jacksonville State 4-Mar
Kansas State 4-Mar
Northern Illinois 4-Mar
UAB 4-Mar
Kansas 5-Mar
Troy 5-Mar
Auburn 6-Mar
Bucknell 6-Mar
Air Force 9-Mar
Illinois 9-Mar
Oklahoma State 10-Mar
Wyoming 10-Mar
Georgia State 10-Mar
New Mexico State 10-Mar
Northern Colorado 10-Mar
Northwestern 10-Mar
Wagner 10-Mar
West Georgia 10-Mar
Arkansas 11-Mar
Colorado 11-Mar
Oklahoma 11-Mar
Oregon State 11-Mar
Wisconsin 11-Mar
Clemson 12-Mar
Nebraska 12-Mar
Oregon 12-Mar
Princeton 12-Mar
Southern Illinois 12-Mar
Tulsa 12-Mar
Georgia Southern 13-Mar
Michigan 13-Mar
Portland State 13-Mar
Slippery Rock 15-Mar
Youngstown State 15-Mar
Arizona State 16-Mar
Temple 16-Mar
Vanderbilt 16-Mar
Delaware 16-Mar
Arizona 17-Mar
Arizona State 17-Mar
Fresno State 17-Mar
Missouri 17-Mar
Penn State 17-Mar
Middle Tennessee State 17-Mar
Ohio 17-Mar
Richmond 17-Mar
Boston College 18-Mar
Georgia 18-Mar
Illinois State 18-Mar
Michigan State 18-Mar
Pittsburgh 18-Mar
Akron 18-Mar
Austin Peay 18-Mar
Kent State 18-Mar
Murray State 18-Mar
San Jose State 18-Mar
South Carolina 19-Mar
South Carolina State 19-Mar
Stanford 19-Mar
Western Michigan 19-Mar
Western Kentucky 19-Mar
Arkansas State 20-Mar
California 20-Mar
Central Michigan 20-Mar
UNC-Charlotte 20-Mar
Virginia Tech 20-Mar
Indiana 23-Mar
Iowa 23-Mar
Memphis 23-Mar
North Carolina 23-Mar
Syracuse 23-Mar
Alabama 24-Mar
Cincinnati 24-Mar
Iowa State 24-Mar
Texas A&M 24-Mar
UCLA 24-Mar
Baylor 25-Mar
Connecticut 25-Mar
Dayton 25-Mar
Hawaii 25-Mar
Maryland 25-Mar
Minnesota 25-Mar
Mississippi 25-Mar
Navy 25-Mar
North Carolina State 25-Mar
Ohio State 25-Mar
Rhode Island 25-Mar
St. John’s (Minnesota) 25-Mar
USC 25-Mar
Utah State 25-Mar
West Virginia 25-Mar
Louisiana Tech 26-Mar
Louisville 26-Mar
Mississippi State 26-Mar
North Dakota State 26-Mar
North Texas 26-Mar
SMU 26-Mar
Tennessee 26-Mar
UCF 26-Mar
Utah 26-Mar
Wake Forest 26-Mar
Appalachian State 27-Mar
Florida State 27-Mar
Kentucky 27-Mar
Lenoir-Rhyne 27-Mar
San Diego State 27-Mar
TCU 27-Mar
Ball State 30-Mar
South Florida 30-Mar
Florida 31-Mar
Houston 31-Mar
Southern Mississippi 31-Mar
Washington 31-Mar
Florida International 1-Apr
Louisiana-Lafayette 1-Apr
Miami 1-Apr
Notre Dame 1-Apr
Texas 1-Apr
Washington State 1-Apr
Boise State 2-Apr
Florida Atlantic 2-Apr
Montana 2-Apr
Purdue 2-Apr
Tulane 2-Apr
LSU 3-Apr
Liberty 7-Apr
Texas Tech 8-Apr
Virginia 8-Apr
Alabama (Tua Tagovailoa workout) 9-Apr
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