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Crushing the Draft

2020 NFL Draft Positional Rankings: Running Backs (top 20)

  1. D’Andre Swift

The best back in the draft this year, Swift has outstanding feet and excellent field vision. He uses his jump-cut well to create space and sets up blocks with his patience. Great burst out of his cut into the open field. Solid pass-catching back as well.

2. Jonathan Taylor

Huge production in his career at Wisconsin earned him a Heisman Finalist nod in 2019. Ran for 200 yards 12 times during his career. Physical back with excellent open-field speed. He has good patience and smooth transitions in and out of his cuts.

3. J.K. Dobbins

Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. Dobbins had an outstanding 2019 season at Ohio State rushing for 2,000 yards and 21 touchdowns. Dobbins runs low and has great contact balance. A tight compact runner can squeeze between the gaps and has surprising open-field burst.

4. Clyde Edwards- Helaire

A ball of energy out of the backfield. He is a compact back with outstanding contact balance and great shiftiness in the open field. He does a great job at changing his run tempo and shows great patience to set up runs. Powerful lower half helps him break tackles. Never goes down on the first contact.

5. Cam Akers

Akers was a very instinctual player at Florida State despite having a less than stellar supporting cast. A powerful runner, he has explosive play potential. A solid jump cut in the backfield helps him develop plays well, and has good open-field moves.

6. Zach Moss

He is a powerful, contact back who uses good patience to get his desired results. He runs with good pad level and has the ability to shift his speed when needed. Shows good burst when he hits an open running lane. Adequate pass catcher.

7. Anthony McFarland Jr.

McFarland didn’t have the production teams would like to see when looking for a back but he still flashed enough on film. He has big play ability once he hits the open field. Has had several career runs of over 80 yards. He is a fast decision maker and makes quick cuts. Very stout back and falls forward often.

8. Eno Benjamin

Benjamin finishes every play he is involved with. He has quick acceleration out of his cuts and lowers his pads in the open field. He has the ability to also be an effective three-down player and a good pass catcher. Very quick-twitch type player.

9. Ke’Shawn Vaughn

He has a rocked up build and had huge production out of Vanderbilt. Shows good patience in zone running schemes, knows when to cut and when to hit the hole. Uses his build to break tackles. Played very well vs LSU.

10. AJ Dillon

He has a massive frame for a RB and good athletic ability to great career production. He takes on LB’s on the whole and loves contact. Also not afraid to leave the ground to pick up extra yards. He reads his blocks well and makes quick decisions. Potential to be good short-yardage back.

11. Lamical Perine

A very patient runner allows blocks to develop before he makes his decision to cut. Makes nice smooth cuts and transitions his weight well. Shows good balance off of contact.

12. Joshua Kelley

Runs with good pad level and forward lean. A physical runner with a strong core and base allow him to shed arm tackles. He looks for contact and is aggressive in his movement.

13. Salvon Ahmed

Ahmed has very impressive open-field speed. He hits this speed quickly out of his initial burst out of the backfield. Can make some moves to get himself open in space, very quick feet.

14. J.J. Taylor

He uses his short stature to his advantage when playing between the tackles. He has good contact balance and his eyes guide him where he needs to go. Very good hands out of the backfield.

15. Darrynton Evans

Evans had huge production in his career at App. State. A natural in inside and outside zone schemes he makes his cuts crisp and concise. Good open-field burst once he gets into the open field.

16. Antonio Gibson

An all-purpose player who spent large chunks at WR and RB in his college career. He will be the same kind of tool in the NFL. Looks to be involved in the backfield.

17. Sewo Oloniula

A big back with nimble feet and quick cuts. Elusive for a bigger player in the open field. Good in short-yardage situations.

18. JaMycal Hasty

Hasty has very good lateral quickness and was used many ways in Baylor’s offense. He has a good jump cut to allow him to find holes open up and has some big-play potential.

19. DeeJay Dallas

An elusive runner in the open field. He plays with good patience and is a strong runner at the point of contact.

20. Darius Anderson

Anderson has good contact balance and does a good job of working jukes and spins into his runs as well. Plays with a good low pad level and tight footwork.

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